April 2006
In our yard, this is 'Gregory's Tree'
Gregory checks for unwanted new growth.

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Facts at a Glance
Prunus cerasifera - 'Thundercloud'

Planted April 21, 2001
Planting height: 8'
Planting trunk: 1.5"

2006 Update
5-yr height: 18'
5-yr trunk: 15"

Mature Height: 15 to 25'
Spread: 15 to 25'
Growth rate: Medium
Form: Rounded vase
Flowers: Pink
Fall color: No change Hardiness zone: 5 - 8
Culture: Full sun

Best feature:
purple leaves

Worst problem:
pests, messy plums

Do over? No


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This is 'Gregory's Tree'

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A Tree Grower's Diary
Thundercloud Purple Leaf Plum


Photographs and text by Julie Walton Shaver


June 2002.. Gregory is
18 months old.


April 2005.. Gregory is
4 years old.

Growth notes:
This tree is usually referred to as having a "medium" growth rate, but in my yard, I'd say this is a fast growing tree. I have never fertilized, other than whatever we put on the lawn. In the height of this tree's first three summers, I often gave it a slow soak with the water hose, though I often regretted this as it would usually result in so much tender new growth at the branch ends that the tree would begin to droop from the weight when it rained. I would then have to go out and prune off the heaviest branches to get the tree to stand back up again. See the journal page for pictures.


June 2003.. Gregory is


April 2006.. Gregory is
5 years old.


Aug. 3, 2005 Still growing.


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