May 9, 2005
This is 'Heidi's Tree,'
an Eastern Redbud
planted on Mother's Day
in her honor.


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Facts at a Glance
Cercis canadensis-
'Forest Pansy'

Planted Fall 2003
Planting height: 5'
Planting trunk: 1" (multi)

2006 Update
3-yr height: 12'
3-yr trunk: 3"

Mature Height: 20 to 30'
Spread: 15 to 25'
Growth rate: Fast
Form: Irregular, graceful
Flowers: Purple
Fall color: Yellow
Hardiness zone: 6 - 8
Culture: Partial shade

Best feature:
purple flowers

Worst problem:
needs regular pruning

Do over? Yes

Redbud Reprise and No Mulch Volcanoes

'Judas Tree' May Still Be Weak

Thinking Ahead to Fall?


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A Tree Grower's Diary
Eastern Redbud


Photographs and text by Julie Walton Shaver

Heidi planted this tree at her house in Metuchen, but has since moved away, leaving her prize tree. I have not yet introduced myself to the new homeowners, asking thier permission to continue photographing and recording this redbud's progress. As I understand it, the Tree Grower's Diary Redbud page was not part of the purchase contract. Still, it would be the neighborly thing to do to let the new homeowners know that their tree is famous throughout the world! I'll get over there soon, and I'll post the story. They might just send me packing and insist that I take the page off the Web. If that happens, we'll just have to convince Heidi's family to plant a redbud tree at her new house. Mother's Day is just around the corner.


Mother's Day, May 2004



Gabriel and his dad,
Frank, assess the redbud's position.


Mike, a family friend, helps Gabriel
on planting day.


Jacob greets his
mom's tree one year
after planting.
Planting day photographs by Heidi Francobandiero


May 9, 2005


June 5, 2005

This is black space filler type.


May 4, 2005
Makes a house beautiful!


June 5, 2005
. . . and makes it a home.

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